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Epoch Star

Epoch Star

   Enter a universe of epic space adventure! Master combat with hundreds of ships and thousands of weapons. You will clash with dark and mysterious enemy races. Engage in missions to help a crumbling republic, and restore peace to the Galaxy.

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Epoch Star

Getting Started

   To continue your game with the ship you used during your last instance of Epoch Star, choose the Continue button.

   If you wish to load any ship that has already been created, click the Load Ship button.

   Click the Erase button to permanently remove any ship that you have previously created.

   To create a new ships and crew, select the New Ship button. You will then enter the Create Ship Screen.

Epoch Star

Create Ship Screen:

   If you choose the New Ship button on the opening menu you will enter the Create Ship Screen. This will first prompt you to enter the name you wish to call your ship.

   After entering your name, you will then be prompted to create/design your brand new vessel. Select between the four available ship classes (Miner, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, and Pirate*), each with a unique experience and style of game play. You will even have the opportunity to change the color of your vessel, via the Color Selection sliders.

*Pirate Ships are available for play only in the full version of Epoch Star

Epoch Star

Crew [Stat] Points:

   You are initially given 5 crew points to allot in any way you choose. As you proceed through the game of Epoch Star, you will be awarded one additional crew point for every level you gain. You will gain a level every time you gain a sufficient amount of experience by either finishing missions, or destroying enemy vessels. Crew points are like statistic points in other RPG's [i.e. attack, defense, speed], and effect your vessel in the following manner:

   Engineering: determines the recharge rate of your energy bar.

   Tactical: affects the amount of damage you do when attacking.

   Navigation: increases your speed when traveling through space.

   Communication: decreases the cost of purchased items, while increasing the price that you sell items at.

   Science: affects the recharge rate of your shields, and ability to equip certain weapons

   Once you have selected your ship, and decided upon the allotment of crew points, click the Done button to begin playing Epoch Star!

Epoch Star


Summary for Mouse:

Left Click: Moves Ships Toward Cursor

Right Click: Fires Weapons Toward Cursor

Middle Click: Locks Ship weapons on target.

Mouse Wheel: Zooms in and out.

Summary for Keyboard:

SPACE BAR: Locks Ship weapons on closest enemy target.

CTRL Key: Locks weapons on target

ESCAPE Key: Options Menu

W-Key: Cycles Through Equipped Weapons

+/- Keys: Zoom in and out

F1-F10 Keys: Selects Designated Weapon

The Mouse:

   In EpochStar, the mouse is the most important tool for navigating your vessel. It allows you to move your ship, fire weapons, and even lock upon visible targets.

   When on the main screen, simply Left Click to wherever you want to go. You ship will automatically accelerate to that direction. Your ship will continue to accelerate until either it reaches your engine’s maximum velocity, or it runs out of fuel.

   Right Clicking on the main screen will cause your vessel to fire whatever weapon is currently loaded. Holding down the right click will cause your ship to fire repeatedly until you either release the right mouse button, or you run out of ammo/energy.

   Middle Clicking while the cursor is over any object in the game will “lock on” to that object as a target. Once you have left clicked over an object, a picture and specifications of that object will appear on the View Screen, and your vessel will be able to both fire upon this target and view its remaining hit points without manually highlighting it with the cursor. In other words, this frees up your ability to move with the cursor, without having the constantly aim at what you want to shoot.

Note: Both “targeting other vessels” and “the View Screen” will be discussed further and in greater detail in the subsequent pages of this manual.

The Keyboard:

   The Keyboard is another invaluable tool for playing Epoch Star. Not only does it assist you in navigating your ship and switching weapons, but it also allows you to access some of Epoch Star’s in-game menus.

   Pressing the CTRL KEY while piloting your vessel will have an identical effect to clicking the Middle Mouse Button. While your cursor is overtop of a desired target, pressing the CTRL KEY allow you to lock onto that target, both loading its picture to the View Screen and displaying to you its remaining Hit Points.

   Pressing the SPACE BAR while piloting your vessel will lock your weapons system on the closest enemy target in the current system.

   The W Key will allow the user to toggle through his/her list of active weapons, allowing you to change your strategy for attack while in active game play. Only weapons that are currently equipped will be cycled through this list.

   The F1-F10 Keys are vital for those who desire fast-paced interaction with their weapons systems. Pressing these keys will automatically activate a specific weapon. These keys activate the weapon in the order they appear in your cargo. In other words, F1 activates the first weapon, F2 the second and so forth. This feature allows you to access directly the weapon you want to use without using the W key to cycle through them.

   Pressing the ESCAPE KEY during Epoch Star game play will bring up the Options Menu. From here, you may adjust graphical displays, or exit the game. Clicking on the Main Menu key will return you to the Epoch Star start screen. Click on the X-tab in the top-right corner of the menu to exit the menu.

Epoch Star
The Minimap:

   The Minimap allows you to view all objects in the current star system simultaneously. Minerals, planets, enemy ships, star bases, wormholes, and your current position will all be displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. As the objects change positions in the star system, so will there respective positions on the Minimap. The following colors provide a Legend for the user to understand exactly what object is where:

Green- Friendly Vessels

Red- Enemy Vessels

White- Wormholes and starbases

Gold - Minerals
Epoch Star
Ship Displays:

   Your Ship Displays provide you, the pilot, with a graphical view of your current ship statistics.

   Ammo: Displays your vessel’s remaining amount of Ammunition, which is consumed when firing certain ship’s weapons. Once this is completely exhausted, your vessel will no longer be able to fire a weapon requiring ammo. Ammo does not replenish automatically, and must be refilled by purchasing additional Ammunition at a Starbase.

   Energy: Displays your vessel’s remaining amount of Energy, or Power, which is consumed during the firing of Energy-Based Weapons systems. Your Energy will slowly recharge once used, the speed of which depends upon your crew’s science statistics, and the engine you have equipped.

   Shields: Displays your vessel’s remaining Shield Strength, which is diminished as your vessel takes damage. Your Shields are your first line of defense, and must be completely exhausted before your vessel takes Physical, Armor and Hit Point, damage. Shields, like Energy, will slowly recharge at a rate determined by your crew’s science statistics, and the type a shield you have equipped.

   Armor: Displays your vessel’s remaining Armor Strength, which is diminished once your vessel’s Shields have been exhausted. This is your vessel’s second line of defense, but—unlike Shields and Energy—very few types of armor plating will recharge once diminished. You must return to a Starbase, and purchase additional armor, if you wish to repair your vessel.

   Structure: Displays your vessel’s remaining amount of Hit Points, which is diminished once your both your vessel’s Armor and Shields have been exhausted. Like Armor, Hit Points will not replenish until you return to a Starbase, and purchase additional repairs. It is imperative that the user understands that his/her vessel will be destroyed once its Hit Points have been completely diminished.  

   Fuel: Displays your vessel’s remaining amount of Fuel, which is consumed for your ship’s propulsion. You, as captain of your vessel, must pay very close attention to this particular gauge, for fuel does not replenish automatically, and must be purchased separately at a Starbase. Once your vessel’s fuel supply has been completely exhausted, your ships will crawl at a greatly reduced speed and maneuverability, and will be a much more likely target for dangerous, enemy vessels—so it is recommended that you purchase fuel at every encounter with a Starbase.

   Cargo: Display’s your vessel’s remaining amount of cargo space, which is reduced every time your vessel comes into contact with minerals. It is important to understand that this gauge displays the amount of cargo space that is currently being used—not the amount of space that is left available. In other words, when this gauge is green, your cargo is full, and you should return to the Starbase to sell it before pursuing more minerals.


Epoch Star

   Lock Direction Indicator: This indicator is a red and white arrow next to your ship that points in the direction of the currently targeted object.

   Mission Object Indicator: This indicator consists of four arrows that flash green and gold and circle the object that is critical to the current mission task.

Epoch Star
Collecting Compounds:

   There are several types of collectable resources in Epoch Star—each with a distinguishing credit value that corresponds with how rare of a material it is. Once these compounds have been collected, they may be sold at any Starbase for credits. The following compounds are in Epoch Star:

Common: 1 credit

Uncommon: 5 credits

Rare: 10 credits

Exotic: 20 credits

   It is important to note that your vessel, depending on its size and class, has a limited amount of cargo space. To ensure that you don't waste time blowing up asteroids for hours--and then not being able to collect the bounty--keep a close eye on your Cargo meter (more information in "Ship Displays"), and make frequent returns to any nearby Starbases. Compounds can be found in nebulas, or after destroying asteroids or enemy ships.
Epoch Star

   Credits are the universal currency of Epoch Star. Though minerals in your vessel’s cargo may be lost if your vessel is destroyed, Credits will remain yours to be used until spent. Credits may be used to purchase fuel, ammunition, weapons, armor—even additional vessels—at any Starbase (though some Starbases may house different arsenals to choose from).
Epoch Star
Jump Gates:

   Jump Gates are the universal facilitator of interstellar travel. When a ship flies into a Jump Gate they are instantly transported to the system on the other side of the Gate.
Epoch Star
The Starbase Menu:

   While playing Epoch Star, you will make repeated "pit-stops" at your local Starbase. From here, you will be able to refuel, repair your vesesl, restock on ammunition, sell your cargo for credits, read over current missions, purchase additional weapons/armor/shields/engines for your vessel--even upgrade to an entirely new vessel altogether! To leave this menu, simply click the "Launch" button, at the top of the list, located on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

Epoch Star
The Arms Dealer:

   At the Arms Dealer Menu, you may refuel your vessel, refill your weapon’s ammo, sell the compounds you have gathered, and purchase additional devices to further assist you during game play.

Selling your Cargo:

   To sell your vessel's cargo, click the "Sell" button located under the text “Sell Compounds” towards the bottom center of the Arms Dealer screen. You may sell any devices your ship is carrying. To do this, drag the device from the ship, and drop it to the control labeled “To sell devices drop them here.” Your credits will increase in relation to the value of the item. To purchase a device, drag the device from the right side of the screen, to the ship on the left side of the screen. You’re credits will decrease by the amount indicated by the price of the device. If you wish to view the stats of the device, including the price, move your mouse cursor over the device you wish to view, and stats will appear in the window located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Epoch Star
The Status Screen:

   The Status screen can be reached at any time during game play. Simply click the "Status" button located at the bottom of the screen, or pressing the “s” key on your keyboard. From here, you may equip/un-equip any devices, such as your vessel's weapons, armor, shields and engines, or just check up on the current manifest of your ship's cargo, or your crew’s skill level.

   In addition, if your crew has increased in skill, the Status screen allows you to increase your skill level in the 5 crew skill categories. To equip any items you may have unarmed, click and drag the item in the “Unarmed Devices” section and drag it onto the appropriate box on the ship above it. If you wish to un-equip a weapon or device and place it in your ship’s storage, simply drag the item from the ship onto the “Unarmed Devices” section located below the ship. If you hover you mouse cursor over any device on this screen, the device stats will appear in a window located at the bottom left of the screen.

Epoch Star
The Galaxy Screen:

   The “Galaxy Screen” can be reached by clicking the “Galaxy” button on the “Console Screen”. The “Galaxy Screen” is a map of the galaxy, outlining the Star Systems that your ship may travel to, as well as how to travel to them. The gold lines represent “Jump Gates” that can be taken between systems. Two systems joined by these lines can be traversed by traveling through jump gates located in the system.

Epoch Star
The Mission Screen:

   The “Mission Screen” displays current and completed missions. If the Mission has been completed, a debriefing is included on the Mission Screen.