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Epoch Star

Epoch Star

Back Stories

   Below is a list of tales written to depict the first chapter in the overall history of the Epoch Star Universe. The chronology starts at the very beginning of "Galactic History," or shortly prior to the dawning of the Ancient Ignus War. Very little is known about this arcane time period, for most of its historical evidence was eradicated during the subsequent Ages of Darkness. The little information currently available to us is but a tattered fragment of the entire story, but more will be posted once it has finally been discovered.

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Epoch Star

The Book of Krad:

The Ancient Ignus War

The Birth of Life
Disinterred Darkness
The Advent of Mandrala
Dawning of Destruction
The Ignus Invasion
In the Eye of the Maelstrom
The Rising Star
The Fallen
A Bitter End

Note: not all finished works are currently posted. Further updates coming soon.

Written by John Battagline

For Comments or Suggestions, please Email Support@Epochstar.com

Epoch Star

Epoch Star

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