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Dawn of Destruction



“It was not Leviathan’s cunning that had unleashed the Ignus scourge upon the universe, but rather the sheer willingness of the Enlar to let them.”

—The Great Prophet


The tortured Enlar of that captured spaceship orbiting above the Ignus birth world had screamed with high-pitched squeals of terror, effusively blathering every important secret or bit of information that crossed their minds in their utter desperation to end the agony of their last living moments. The monster’s victims, thus revealing the secrets of their species, ensured that their Enlar brethren would soon be doomed as well…

This is how Leviathan had come to discover, along with the procedural knowledge of how to pilot the stolen vessel, the location of the nearest Enlar colony. It was the fourth planet of a frontier solar system, far from the core of Enlar civilization, and only scarcely populated; but it was enough.

Crammed full with starving Ignus serpents, the stolen starship blasted off the dead world of Old Ignus toward the fruitful heavens. Leviathan’s understanding of how to pilot the vessel was crude, at best, but it was only a relatively short distance his destination, and fortune had it that no disaster struck along the way. Though the vast stockpiles of foodstuffs aboard the ship had been long since consumed, the Ignus quickly fell into hibernated state of zero metabolic activity.


The Ignus lack any eyes or conventional sense of touch, but they are able to feel life as most organisms can perceive a change in pressure, or temperature. Their skin, covered in millions of tiny receptors, actually acts as one giant organ of detection, which is their primary (and some speculate, only) sense in observing the external universe. Impervious to pain in most portions of their body, they are highly receptive to certain types of biologically generated energies.

It was in this fashion that the Ignus eventually came to detect the presence of the Enlar, and awakened from their slumber overcome with ravenous hunger. After the span of only a few standard years, their stolen spaceship had arrived at its destination, and awaiting them in plain observation on the planet below was a feast beyond scope of their meager comprehensions.


The world itself was lush and green, blanketed with sprawling, virgin forests and natural beauties. Vast oceans—teeming with wildlife of every variety—covered its tremendous expanse, and thick white clouds hung low in its prominent atmosphere.

Landing their stolen spacecraft within the vicinity of the damned, the Ignus rushed toward the unsuspecting Enlar city, their voracious appetites guiding their every thought. Like enormous centipedes, the Ignus crawled across the surface of the planet upon the frenetically scrambling talons protruding from their bellies, crushing everything in their path beneath the sheer weight of their massive bodies.

Their lacerating talons spent little effort tearing open the flimsy structures of the Enlar colony, exposing the fresh meat within. Their sinewy bodies slithered through the cracks and crevice of the city, like serpents in the underground lair of so many condemned rodents, feasting upon every frightful creature that came across their path. The streets were flooded with crimson wetness, as the Ignus filled their gargantuan bellies with delicious Enlar flesh.


Anything that could be deemed as a “defense” was quickly eradicated at the dawning moments of the Ignus invasion. The Enlar were a violence-loathing race, being creatures of profound sensitivity to pain. They had prided themselves on their pacifistic nature, and it was this quality that prepared them so idyllically for slaughter.

The only warning they were to ever receive came in the form of the hideously howling screams of their dying Enlar brethren. The ordinarily pristine air, now saturated with the blaring din of the slithering beasts’ infernal hissing, soon became tainted with the stench of death and decay.

In the assault, the planet’s ecology and civilization laid to ruinous waste. The only things the Ignus deliberately left in tact were the precious Enlar spaceships: the key to own their longevity. As before, it had been no difficulty to torture their victims into revealing the locations of the other Enlar colonies, before their delicate bodies were then ripped to pieces and gorged upon by the rapacious horde of the heinous monsters.


Those Enlar who weren’t immediately consumed were slaughtered, and subsequently used as the “dead wombs” for Ignus offspring. Though the Ignus were initially relatively few, countless eggs were planted within the Enlar dead.

Thousands of eggs were laid within each victim of the gruesome impregnation, but only one offspring ultimately spawned from every corpse. An Ignus hatchling require prodigious amounts of nutrition to survive; and so, their larva burrow throughout the decaying flesh of their dead wombs, devouring everything within until they were at last forced to feed upon one another.

Only the fastest growing, most aggressive of their progeny survive, causing each successive Ignus generation to evolve into a more potent, more lethal version than the last; for it is always the weak to be weeded, and the strong to survive. Within months after hatching, an infant serpent can grow to some one thousand times its original size, and will be ready to lay its own eggs before the passing of a single standard year.


Leviathan, now grown fat from the Great Enlar Feast, was too large to be contained within even the most voluminous of captured Enlar spacecraft. And so it came to pass that the behemoth, instead continuing along the front lines of his conflagration across the galaxy, delegated instructions to the newest generation.

The Ignus brain, though relatively unsophisticated in comparison to those of the Enlar, had evolved to soak up all the knowledge of their surroundings like a dry sponge in warm water: learning basic principles at an uncanny pace. It was not long before the youthful Ignus hatchlings fully comprehended the rudimentary methods of traveling through space.

Bidding them farewell, the elder generation of Ignus stayed behind. Their myriad clawing appendages burrowed into the earth, retreating to the warmer depths of the planet, far beneath the surface of its crust, to hibernate until the coming of a new age.


With their recently acquired starships, the Ignus radiated outward, toward the remaining Enlar colonies. Many simply died in accidents before ever reaching their destinations. Their species was, as of yet, unlearned in the necessary procedures for safe interstellar travel; but for every ship that landed upon a populated world of fresh Enlar victims, another dozen arose to fly across the stars, and continue the chain reaction of devastation that soon brought the known universe to its knees

And thus begat the foundation of the Ancient Ignus War.



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