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Ignus Invasion



Upon witnessing the death and destruction that had wrought the frontier colonies, the Mandralor scouts and messengers at once set course for a return to inner Union space. Their vessels, outdated an ill equipped, were designed to travel with grueling slowness—but their consuming need to alert those in danger pushed them to uncanny resolve.

Acting with unyielding courage, they ignored the ordinary safety procedures of space travel, selflessly putting themselves at risk by launching through the cosmos at dangerously reckless velocities. Most never survived to reach their destinations, the downtrodden engines of their decrepit starships inevitably succumbing to structural fatigue.

The years turned into decades before any of the startled Mandralor harbingers returned to the sanctity of their home world to alert their comrades of what they had observed. Like frightened children running to their father, they told their leader, Mandrala of all that had transpired. And without the slightest hesitation in his immediate understanding of the jeopardy they now all faced, the great prophet departed to warn the nearest, endangered Enlar world to prepare them for the ensuing Armageddon.


Not much time passed before Mandrala arrived upon the condemned planet, greeted by an entourage of the Enlar’s most distinguished leaders. The prophet told them of what his people saw whence relaying messages between the outermost Union worlds:

“The deaths of untold millions have thus far been observed,” he explained, his powerful voice crackling with loss as his eyes became more vacant than the black abyss of a starless, nighttime sky. “And my children were helpless to do anything but watch…as your frontier worlds were overridden by the demonic minions of Chaos.”

“Your message is unwarranted,” the Enlar council responded perfunctorily. Not the slightest stirring of emotion was exhibited across their mundane features. “Our borders are as safe as ever….But we have long since understood the barbaric nature of your kind, and if you’re people had truly seen such horrors, why is it that they haven’t already vanquish these creatures themselves?”

“We, of the Mandralor, are not as naive as you would care to believe in your foolish complacence,” Mandrala continued with rising vehemence, in response to the Enlars’ chastisement. “We have graciously accepted your gift of interstellar travel—but do not presume that we retain ignorance of your hidden ways. Our Third Eye sees more than the scope of which the lone ocular if any Enlar can even comprehend…”

“Had our vessels only been armed with even the most modest of defenses,” the prophet then said, with narrowing sympathy, as his eyes filled with fiery rage. “We could have eradicated this blossoming threat ourselves!”

“And what threat is that?” the whining Enlar council retaliated, doubting the severity of the prophet’s warning pleas. Their electrically-charged tendrils sparked with flashing indignation, as their voices saturated with the usual air of haughty superiority, characteristic of their kind. “You are in no place to tell us what decisions should be made! Our wisdom has carried us through the ages, and our doctrine is that no vessel be armed. It is violence itself that threatens us—nothing else! Perhaps, you would be wise to depart immediately, and tell the rest of your bloodthirsty brethren that their demands have met rejection….”

But as those very words traveled through the air, the light from the sun then suddenly ceased to shine upon the surface of their planet. A massive black cloud began to overshadow its ordinarily brilliant radiance, as the whole world gazed upward to the heavens.

“What is it?” the Enlar people cried in their terror. Countless specks of blackness, each so tiny as to seem no larger than a miniscule speck of dust, materialized by the thousand to utterly eclipse the sun. Within mere moments, they were pouring down in such great numbers that the sky was soon wrestled unto eerie twilight.

And upon witness of those first Ignus transports seen raining down from the heavens, like a hailstorm of blazing comets bound to smash into their planet’s crust, the Enlar realized that they had erred in their distrust of the Mandralor prophet.


A black outline of serpentine beasts rapidly overwhelmed the distant horizon, stamping out the waning light of the setting sun as it retreated behind the curvature of the planet. The Enlar watched as the Ignus invaders exploded from their landed spacecraft in a profuse gushing of fluid-like cascades, spreading outward to engulf the vastness of their world in an ocean of serpentine beasts. The air became rent with the dull hissing of their myriad legs pounding into the ground, as the Ignus raced across the planet in a frenzy of hunger and violence—causing the very earth to quake with their incessant rattling of their long, knife-like talons.

Panicking and greatly outnumbered, the Enlar were left with no other option. They hastily climbed within their giant, mechanized exoskeletons—normally used for constructive projects on their massive spaceships—in a desperate attempt to prepare themselves for the ensuing Armageddon.

Encased in a spherical container of metal two-meters thick, each of these machines became nothing less than a mere extension of the piloting Enlar’s body. His sixteen electrically-charged tendrils (which protruded directly from his brain) instantly transmitted every thought and command to his “BattleMech”—giving him supreme control over his machine that could otherwise not otherwise be accomplished through ordinary manual handling.

As the Enlar helplessly watched while the army of serpents rushed upon them like the approaching clouds of a hurricane, each of these enormous machines rose to life upon an arsenal of protracted, metal tentacles. Squid-like appendages that sprouted from the BattleMechs’ shining surfaces like the hairs of an animal, each of these tentacles possessed an incredible amount of potency: every one bristling with powerful blades and tools that the Enlar had previously used to cut and bend the most adamant of spacecraft materials…

And as the opposing forces of Order and Chaos crashed into one another in a cataclysmic explosion of metal and bone, the earth cried with reminiscent horrors of those ancient days of Enlar predation. Melee ensued as the landscape was torn asunder whence the Ignus fell upon the makeshift Enlar defenses.


The Enlar were completely overwhelmed by the carnivorous beasts, as the latter struggled to break open and dismember the huge Enlar machines so that they may enjoy the delicious taste of the raw meat inside. The sheer mass of the Ignus’ numbers was enough to crush anything that came within the their path, as the streets of the Enlar civilization were literally flooded with the flow of writhing serpents.

An explosion of metallic clanging rent the air as their myriad claw-like appendages fervently lashed and scraped against the Enlar BattleMechs. Their gaping jaws struggled to engulf the enormous machines, as their teeth gnashed and cracked against the hard surfaces that composed their impregnable frames.

But soon the Enlar, though entirely swamped, began to regain their balance. Their huge, sinewy tentacles—strong enough to pry apart an Ignus’s jaws with a single, unrestrained motion—lashed and clawed their way to the surface of the sea of serpents. And not much more time passed before the Enlar were lacerating through the ranks of Ignus invaders: crushing, cutting, smashing and killing them by the dozen with each swing of their limber, albeit powerful, mechanical arms.

Some of the larger Ignus, having managed to swallow an entire monolithic BattleMech whole, soon exploded in a profusion of digestive acids in gore. The consumed Enlar machine, having managed to burst forth from the serpent’s belly with its arsenal of scalpel-sharp buzz saws and steely appendages, literally tore the Ignus open from the inside out.

For every Machine that was torn open, its pilot screaming with unbridled horror as his body was then ripped to pieces and forced down the elongated gullets of the Ignus horde, a dozen of the huge serpents were torn to threads of throbbing flesh.

But in the end, their efforts were in vain. The Ignus were too many, as the flow of their swarm never stopped. The sky remained blackened from the shower of transport vessels that continued to rain down from the heavens.


“We must retreat!” shouted the great Mandrala from the thick of the battle, wielding a pair of burning flamesabers in each of his four hands. Lashing out in every direction with uncanny alacrity, his lightning-fast reflexes engendered a crimson blur of motion as he tore his way through whatever unfortunate beast crossed his path. Gore was flayed into every direction, as his complete mastery of combat became manifest after so many centuries of constant honing. Without wearing so much as a single plate of armor, he had managed to outlive the vast majority of the Enlars’ mechanical monstrosities.

“Prepare the vessels to save all those who remain! We must escape to warn the others!”

And at once, his words were obeyed—not by his Mandralor children (all of whom had long since perished in the carnage), but by the remaining Enlar warriors. Their huge BattleMechs regrouped and then followed the mighty Mandrala’s path through the surrounding abyss of serpents, as if He were a lantern in the night.

The Ignus had left many of the grounded Enlar spacecraft unscathed, to the immediate astonishment of Mandrala’s entourage. It spoke of the secret to the strange serpents’ success: they preserved the devices of their captured Enlar planets, and rose from the ashes of their conquest.

They boarded the first vessel they could find, and immediately blasted off to the sanctuary of space, abandoning all those still alive on the fallen Enlar world. Below them stood a planet flooded with destruction; a pall of darkness engulfed its surface as the beasts continued their relentless expansion across every square inch of its solid vastness.


And that is when the order was given, by the coldly calculating minds of the Enlar aboard the survivors’ vessel. Staring down with their lone, glaring eyes, no inhibition stood in their way to prevent the vengeance that was then enacted.

“Burn them…” they said, and the ship’s captain at once adhered. Though they had never so much as armed a single Mandralor vessel, the Enlar protected each of their own spacecraft with an incredible stockpile of devastating weapons.

The entire planet was then engulfed in a prodigious cloud of black smoke, as raging flames stormed across the vast expanses of its surface within moments. Enough explosives were dropped to grind even the tallest mountain to tiny particles of dust. And so, the Enlar incinerated their own world to protect the countless others from falling to the same end—cauterizing the wound, lest the infection spread.


“The key to being wise, is listening and learning from other people’s experiences. But you must live your own life, and learn your own lessons for them to have any meaning.”

–Old Mandralor Lore.



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